Jira integration: Feedback needed

We are currently working on Jira integration and it would be great to hear your ideas:

  • What would you expect from Jira integration?
  • Which Jira version is your company using: Cloud or On-premise (Self-hosted)?
  • being able to create bug tickets out of bird
  • even with custom fields
  • embedded video/screenshot and link to bird report in the JIRA ticket then
  • maybe even prepopulated console in JIRA in code format macro
  • prepopulated environment field in JIRA from birg

JIRA Cloud


A little update on Jira:

  • We have finished the integration itself last week
  • Now waiting for Atlassian to approve it. Looks like it can take up to a few weeks.
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Hi @Dan_from_Bird can you confirm what the Jira integration features are?

Sure thing! Once you’ve created a bug report, you can push it directly to your Jira without leaving Bird interface. It works as follows:

  1. Upload a bug report

  2. Create a Jira ticket right from Bird interface

  3. The ticket with the link to the bug report is created on Jira automatically

Hope that helps, but let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile: